What Will Be Better? Buying Or Leasing Photocopiers?

When your business requires high printing and copying demand, laser printers or Photocopiers are the best choices. These devices come in many models with different features to suit any need. They can range from $1k+ for top-of-the-line models below the cheapest unit that doesn’t have enough storage space or supports heavy volumes without costing much money.


Investing in laser printers or photocopiers is not cheap. Not only are the initial costs high, but you have to factor in ongoing expenses like toner replacements and paper as well.

Though leasing may seem like an expensive option, it’s worth considering when you’re on a budget and need the printer for your business. This can be more affordable than buying something new or upgrading to continue printing documents without interruption with managed print services in mind.

Leasing With Managed Print Services

Leasing a printer or a Managed Print Services used to be common practice, but nowadays, the idea of managed print services has evolved into something more. These printer leases come with maintenance costs included so that businesses can get their printing needs to be met in one package at an affordable price while also saving money on paper and toner usage.

With the help of big data and IoT, managed print services can now be tracked down to the department level. Depending on your manufacturer or supplier’s managed package deal, you may get various facilities at an affordable price. Those facilities might include; preventative maintenance, onsite support, the quick response time when issues arise–all without requiring too much IT bandwidth.

For organizations looking for an easy way out that doesn’t involve heavy-duty management tasks themselves – a photocopier lease could work perfectly fine.

Types Of Photocopiers Leases

Operating Leases Photocopiers

The business world is changing. More and more businesses are switching from capital leases to operating lease agreements for equipment. Operating leases offer lower monthly payments than the other option–a purchase price at the end of term with standard wear-and-tear included in its value (which can be significant).

Lessees get access not just now but also after their tenure ends, giving them plenty of time should any new technologies come out, or market demands increase unexpectedly. In addition, with the recent rise of rent-to-own programs, operating leases are more popular than ever.

Capital Leases Photocopiers

When a business chooses to lease equipment, the less common option is capital leases. These loans bear more similarities with loans than rentals because they finance 100% cost of an item while providing an interest rate that may be higher than typical rental terms but still lower overall costs.

When it comes to purchasing printers or photocopiers, many businesses prefer the flexibility of capital leases. This is because you can lock in your price now and pay less interest over time compared with buying outright (though there are some risks involved).

Pros & Cons Of Leasing A Photocopier

Pros Of Leasing A Photocopier

Low Upfront Costs:

Photocopier lease is an excellent way for businesses with limited access to credit, like small-business owners and startups. It preserves your company’s financial standing in the event that you need more funds down the processor aisle. It also helps avoid having any outstanding debts by simply renting out equipment instead.

Avoid Obsolescence:

With leasing, you can avoid the hassle of obsolescence and stay up-to-date with modern technology. Some companies find that it is less expensive than purchasing new equipment for their business. Others prefer not having any long term commitments or debts on their balance sheet as well as being able to get great discounts through this method.

No Hassle:

When a company chooses to get printer leases, it can avoid all of the hassle and trouble that comes with owning its own equipment. For instance, maintenance plans are often included in leasing contracts, making it easier for those who don’t have much experience installing or repairing technology within an office setting.

Cons Of Leasing A Photocopier


When a business change and grows, its printing needs often evolve. A printer the company leased when it only had 10 employees may not be adequate for 80 people in today’s workplace. Similarly, small businesses overestimate their requirements. This leads them to pay an unnecessarily expensive price tag on equipment that doesn’t meet these rising demands. They also end up stuck with something unnecessary just because they didn’t do research ahead of time.

No Immediate Ownership:

Though leasing is often an affordable alternative to buying devices, it doesn’t give you ownership of the product. Instead, your purchase option remains with either the leasing Photocopiers or another party if they offer transferability – which may be rare in some cases.

Pros & Cons Of Buying A Photocopier

Pros Of Buying A Photocopier

Flexible Maintenance:

When you lease printer equipment, the lessor has complete control over its maintenance. This means that if anything goes amiss with your machine and it needs repair or replacement-you’re at their mercy. In addition, with an outright ownership agreement in place for company printers, managers can always find someone who knows how to fix them right away without worrying about approval from outside sources first. This streamlines things significantly when dealing directly with technicians.

Immediate Ownership:

You can purchase a printer or copier and be the immediate owner. The peace of mind that comes with this is one reason why many people choose to pay cash for their equipment purchase instead of using an installment Photocopiers plan.

Cons Of Buying A Photocopier

Initial Expense:

The cost of purchasing a printer outright can be too much for some small businesses to manage, especially when you need highly specialized industrial machines. Those machines are expensive and often have an even higher repair bill if they’re broken due to out-of-pocket expenses. The expense involved in buying your own equipment far outweighs any benefits from ownership.

Replacement Costs:

There are various causes why a business may need to replace its printer. Maybe it’s outdated and no longer functioning properly, or maybe the owner has purchased one too many already! Either way, there is an expense associated with this wear-and-tear on equipment which can be costly compared to other costs faced by businesses every day.

Should You Buy Or Lease Photocopiers?

Getting a photocopier lease can be a great option for companies who need large amounts of equipment, such as multifunction copiers. With the money from your monthly lease payment, you could expand or establish new services to grow your business and make more profits.

But if you have the money to buy a photocopier, or make monthly payments on a low-interest loan, then instead of copier leasing, buying one would be better. With Digital Document Solutions & Axia Office, experience all the benefits of being stress-free with a photocopier lease!